Our base is in Auburn, Indiana, just north of Fort Wayne. But our perspective? That’s global! We can provide engineering services for virtually any customer, anywhere in the world.

That said, you’ll find most of our clients stateside, primarily in Indiana and the surrounding states, though we work for clients farther afield. 

As befits an engineering firm specializing in cutting-edge electric power, telecommunication, and SCADA / Smart Grid solutions, our facilities are state-of-the-art and relatively new. They were built in 2004 and comprise 6,500 square feet of space on two floors.


Spectrum Engineering Corporation Headquarters 

Spectrum Engineering Corporation Headquarters 

This is where our project engineers, planners, negotiators, and technicians work to create the products and coordinate the services that help our clients operate more efficiently, effectively – and profitably.

This is where we meet with clients to establish and solidify the partnerships we seek to form with them (though we also meet with them at their facilities and wherever else they need us).

And this is where we keep the technology that enables us to continue leading the way in electric power, telecommunication, and SCADA / Smart Grid solutions. Housed here is our own Spectrum-grade printing facility, for instance. It features two plotters – one for color, the other for black-and-white – that allow us to print large-scale drawings and schematics.

There’s a lot more our facilities enable us to do. For details, contact Spectrum Engineering. We’d like nothing more than to sit down here with you, form a new partnership, and plot the way to your further economic growth.