Communication Engineering



We’ve been providing communication engineering services since 1985. That was the year we first saw a significant need for more-reliable high-speed relay communication between electric power substations.

Today, we’re heavily involved in designing and evaluating optical fiber telecommunication solutions for a variety of clients, most notably …

The demand for our communication engineering services is great. After all, even the smallest communities find themselves competing in a global marketplace anymore. The Internet aids and abets this, connecting people within a community to each other – and to the world at large. But simple Internet connectivity, or access, is no longer enough. What people want today are speed and expandability. Hence, the ongoing drive for broadband solutions. And that’s where our optical fiber expertise most comes into play.

AES satellite dishesAt Spectrum Engineering, we’re in a position to be your single source for fiber-optical network design. Good thing, too! This is the technology that leading investment research institutions say is the only serious answer to meeting the communication demands of today and tomorrow.

To help meet your needs, we offer communication engineering services that include …

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