Strategic Planning


With telecommunications relying more and more on broadband solutions for speed and expandability, you need a single-source provider of fiber-optical network design you can count on. That’d be us.

We’ve honed our design skills over decades of working with FTTx systems: FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTP (Fiber to the Premises), and FTTB (Fiber to the Business). We’ve made our mark as telecommunications consultants, too – consultants who understand the importance of strategic planning. We know what kind of plan it takes to fit a fiber-optical communication system comfortably into an overall economic development program.

Stragegic PlanningOur strategic planning services for telecommunication projects include …
  • identifying and assessing the viability of partnerships to deliver some services being considered
  • preparing contracts, agreements, and related supportive documentation with service providers and customers
  • conducting market-based focus-group research to best fit offerings with needs
  • facilitating Rural Utility Service (RUS) loan design and grant applications
  • coordinating legal liaison to ensure the most efficient and effective use of legal expertise
  • planning relative to …
              • marketing packages, pricing, and promotions
              • back-office billing and integration with existing utility services
              • staffing requirements, qualifications, selection, and training

Our strategic planning process unfolds as we …

  • consult with you to assess your telecommunication system needs
  • prepare a written project plan
  • perform a Needs Assessment Study, if required
  • perform a Business Opportunity / Profitability Study, if needed and you approve
  • conduct market-based research
  • perform a Feasibility Study, if business opportunities exist that can be profitable
  • perform a Propagation Study
  • prepare cost estimates
  • perform a Business Partnership Analysis
  • coordinate with and supply information to your legal team
  • present you with a preliminary plan in either a public or private meeting
  • provide marketing-plan assistance
  • develop a complete business plan for your project

An example of our Strategic Planning experience is available at the click of your mouse.  If you’d like more details on our telecommunication strategic planning services or you’d like to request a proposal, contact Spectrum Engineering.