Telecommunication System Design


No matter their size, today’s communities and businesses are competing in a global marketplace. We design the fiber-optical communication networks that help them compete effectively.

Leading investment research institutions that have evaluated the telecommunications industry recommend investing in fiber-optical technology. Why? Because it alone has the capacity to meet projected communication demands now and in the foreseeable future. A build-out of Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) holds the promise that, even as technology changes, the infrastructure will still provide long-term, cost-effective service.

What do you need in the way of fiber-optical telecommunication system design? Whether you’re a municipal government, an independent telecommunications company, an Internet service provider, or an architectural and engineering firm, we can be your single source for it, providing …

  • evaluation
  • design
  • map conversion
  • specification / procurement
  • support

The tools we use, particularly in designing systems for independent telecommunications companies, include …

  • OSP Design Software from Enghouse NetWORKS
  • Esri ArcGISTM for modeling
  • finite element analysis for 3-dimensional stress modeling of pole structures
  • Microsoft Project for construction / project management
  • AutoCAD for Data Center design

Some clients still have all of their outside plant documentation in hardcopy form – paper, sepia, or Mylar. If this applies to you, we can digitize your original map documents, draw your plant in AutoCAD, and provide the new documentation to you in a number of hardcopy and electronic formats.

To learn more about our telecommunication system design capabilities and procedures, to view an example of an OSP Engineering client, or to request a proposal, contact Spectrum Engineering.

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