What is Spectrum Engineering's pricing structure?

Spectrum has the ability to tailor a pricing structure that works best for the client given the application.  Contractual engagements including specified fee, fixed fee, phase fixed fee, time and expense, and cost plus to a maximum are the most popular. 
If the project scope is very well defined with a single point of client contact and Spectrum has necessary control of the project, fixed fee or phase fixed fee offers the most value.  If the project scope cannot be well defined and time is of the essence, a time and expense pricing structure offers the most value.
The customer is allowed a great deal of latitude with regard to the pricing structure.  Our goal is to develop and augment your existing staff so that a cohesive team can complete the projects in a timely cost efficient manner.  Generally, most if not all of the your special requests regarding administrative paperwork can be accommodated.

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