Architectural & Engineering Firms


Our electric power, SCADA / Smart Grid, and telecommunication capabilities have proven of great value to architectural and engineering firms. (We are, in fact, the single source of fiber-optical network design for many of them.)

What we’re able to provide overall are technologically advanced yet reasonably priced solutions that fit perfectly into diverse projects for their industrial, commercial, and municipal clients. Architectural and engineering firms have found they can sell our solutions as a way to keep their clients competitive well into the future.

Of course, putting a best-in-class telecommunication, electrical power, or SCADA / Smart Grid system in place requires thorough planning. We assist in this, working with the appropriate decision-makers every step of the way – through the initial planning study phase, on to providing a detailed cost analysis, feasibility studies, guidance, and recommendations.

To learn more about the engineering services we offer architectural and engineering firms, explore this website. Then contact Spectrum Engineering.