Industries We Serve


 Our name – Spectrum – hints not only at the range of our
Of course, we're happy to partner with any customer in any industry on a viable project that would benefit from our expertise.
Whatever the industry, whatever the project, forming Engineering Partnerships is important to us. That's the best kind of relationship for helping our clients achieve – or surpass – their business and financial goals. Typically, the Engineering Partnerships we build relate to …

Substation design and commissioning (including every aspect of the process in-between)   Utility mapping

The design and commissioning of transmission and distribution lines   Hydro-, diesel-, steam-, and gas turbine-driven electric generation

Electric-system planning   Telemetering

Short-circuit and device-coordination studies

Construction oversight and inspection

Power-system analysis

Major power-apparatus field testing

Detailed relay and control-panel design and assembly

Relay calibration

UMS SCADA system design and implementation

Substation maintenance and repair

Smart Grid application and deployment

Diagnostic testing

Optical fiber LAN/WAN design

Asset management and planning

Fiber-to-the-User (FTTx) feasibility analysis, studies, and plans


Take a closer look at our engineering capabilities presented on this site. Then contact Spectrum Engineering – and see what one of our Engineering Partnerships can do for you.