Municipal Governments

Our goal in serving municipal governments and the communities they represent is to help them fulfill their economic growth potential.

We do this by providing top-quality electric power, SCADA / Smart Grid, and high-speed telecommunication engineering services.

CourthouseGiven our thorough understanding of utility operations, metering equipment, and billing software, among other things, we can help municipal governments with virtually any
aspect of …

  • Electric Power Negotiations – Purchase Power Agreements, Contracts, Customer Rates, etc.
  • Planning – to meet the ever-growing power and telecommunication needs of communities and thus help them attract more people and businesses
  • Relay Replacement – cost-efficient power system protection that also protects a community’s infrastructure investment
  • Studies – helping communities assess both the strengths and weaknesses of their power and telecommunication systems so they can better correct deficiencies and improve performance
  • Substation Design – geared to providing communities with the safest, most reliable, and most cost-efficient solution to their electric power needs
  • Substation Maintenance and Repair – as contracted, even for substations we haven't designed or built
  • Line Design – enabling more efficient distribution of electrical energy throughout a community
  • Telecommunication System Design - providing evaluation and design for your communication requirements
  • UMS SCADA Design and SCADA Implementation – helping improve energy management, particularly as it pertains to load shedding and outage mitigation

To learn more about the engineering services we offer municipal governments, explore this website. Then contact Spectrum Engineering.