Rural Electric Cooperatives


We’ve been helping rural electric cooperatives improve their performance and better serve their communities ever since we opened our doors in 1979. How? By focusing our engineering services on providing studies that help them plan – accurately and wisely.

We use sophisticated software in our studies to examine the total electrical system, identify strengths as well as weaknesses, and provide a basis for our recommendations.

What our studies deliver is important electrical system analysis that gives rural electric cooperatives the data they need to increase electrical power capacity and improve energy efficiency. This, after all, is what their communities need, not just to compete in today’s marketplace but also to attract new people and new businesses that will keep their communities competitive tomorrow.

We then offer rural electric cooperatives UMS SCADA / Smart Grid solutions that actually help them achieve their energy goals.

To learn more about the engineering services we offer rural electric cooperatives, explore this website. Then contact Spectrum Engineering.