Ever since our founding in 1979, we’ve been providing universities with top-quality engineering services to help them best run their electric power utilities.

Our expertise in this covers …

  • Relay Replacement – cost-efficient power system protection that also protects universities’ infrastructure investments
  • Studies – helping universities assess both the strengths and weaknesses of their utilities so they can better correct deficiencies and improve performance
  • Two of our future college studentsSubstation Design – geared to providing universities with the safest, most reliable, and most cost-efficient solution to their electric power needs
  • Substation Maintenance and Repair – as contracted, even for substations not designed or built by us
  • UMS SCADA Design and SCADA Implementation – helping improve energy management, particularly as it pertains to load shedding and outage mitigation
To learn more about the engineering services we offer universities, explore this website. Then contact Spectrum Engineering.