02/09/2018Lebanon Relay Upgrade Successfully Completed
 The North Substation Relay Upgrade project for Lebanon Utilities has been successfully completed.   
09/29/2017Thank you!
 Thank you to our Sponsors and everyone that attended our 2017 Client Conference! 
05/01/2017Kyle Murphy-IPFW 50 Award
 Spectrum Engineering's Co-Op Student, Kyle Murphy, was nominated and awarded the IPFW Top 50 Students Award. 
04/07/2017Spokeworks Substation Energized

In 2013 the City of St Marys, OH commissioned Spectrum Engineering to do a system study and put together a long range plan of maintenance and improvements that could be done to enhance the reliability of their system.

One of the recommendations from this study was to upgrade the Spokeworks substation by replacing the existing 12 kV Switchgear with a new 5 feeder lineup, add a second 5 feeder 12 kV line up and break the 69 kV line that was tapped into the substation and add 4 breakers, forming a ring bus and a second transformer.

The new transformer and new East Switchgear are installed and energized with the rest of the work expected to be completed by the end of July 2017. 

This will provide more capacity and reliability in the area served by the Spokeworks substation, in addition to giving more flexibility and reliability in the 69 kV system.

03/28/20172017 Client Conference Update
 The 2017 Client Conference date has changed to September 21st, 2017.  
01/10/20172017 Client Conference
05/31/2016Spectrum Goes International
 Frank Gray of the Journal Gazette published an article on May 29, 2016 regarding Spectrum's most recent project -- designing and serving as project manager for a fiber optic network in Georgetown, Guyana.
05/23/2016Spectrum Participates in IMEA Spring Conference
 Spectrum participated in the IMEA Spring Conference held in Indianapolis May 18-20.  Rod Sibery, Business Operations Manager, was a roundtable facilitator during meeting breakout sessions, as well as manning Spectrum's booth.  He was joined by Scott Bowles, President.

02/29/2016Welcome Dan Surface -- New Engineering Design Technician
 Spectrum Engineering welcomes Dan Surface, Engineering Design Technician/Coordinator.  
02/01/2016Bowles Attend CCTA Conference in Puerto Rico
 Spectrum's President Scott Bowles and his wife Sarah attended the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Cable & Telecommunications Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico in January. 
01/18/20163 New Spectrum Employees
 Spectrum Engineering is ringing in 2016 with three new employees -- Leo Leon-Hernandez, Jason Leech, and Greg Whelan.
05/18/2015Spectrum Engineering Hires Two in May
 Two new hires joined Spectrum Engineering in May, 2015.  Tori Rose is our new HR Specialist and Tyler Sibery is the latest addition to our Telecommunications Design team.  
03/19/20152015 Client Conference
Spectrum Engineering Corporation 2015 Client Conference
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Located at: 
5524 North County Line Rd E
Auburn, Indiana 46706 
03/19/20152015 Client Conference Agenda
12/26/2013Spectrum's President Celebrates with Bermuda's Premier
 Spectrum Engineering's President Scott Bowles and his daughter Blythe were present at the 2013 Lighting of the Parliament Building in Bermuda where they met the Premier, Craig Cannonier.  
09/03/2013Spectrum's Founders Retire
 The founders of Spectrum Engineering Corporation, David L. Bowles, P.E. and his wife Patricia, elected to retire effective August 31, 2013.
08/30/2013Spectrum's President To Be Speaker At FTTH Conference & Expo
Hundreds of business and community leaders from across the country gathered in Kansas City at the end of May for a how-to conference organized by the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council. One of the presenters was our own President, Scott Bowles, who led "Managing the RFP" sessions.  Scott has been asked to present the RFP session once again at the FTTH Conference & Expo in Tampa, FL during one of the program tracks.  The track offers participants a hands-on opportunity to learn from those who have successfully deployed all-fiber networks and provided high-bandwidth services to communities. 
02/26/2013Pelican Bay Pursues Fiber Optic Network
 To better serve their 6500 residents, the Pelican Bay Foundation (Naples, FL) continues their quest for best-in-class technology, competitive prices and first-class service in a fiber optic network.
08/01/2012A New License and a Strategic Business Plan for Pelican Bay
 Spectrum's President, Scott Bowles recently added a Florida Professional Engineering  license to his growing list of credentials. Why? The Pelican Bay Foundation, representing a master-planned community located north of Naples, Florida, needed his expertise to develop a Strategic Business Plan. 
05/02/2012Village of Elmore 69kV Wastewater Substation
 Spectrum Engineering Corporation's design of a new $1 million power substation for the Village of Elmore, Ohio was kicked off on Wednesday, May 2, 2011.  Spectrum will provide Engineering Design, Line Design (69kV transmission circuit over the river to connect at the new water treatment facility and upgrade the three phase line along Highway 105), Construction Management, Testing & Commissioning and Training, and Post-Construction Documentation for the Village.
02/03/2012Purdue Approves Spectrum Engineering for Substation Replacement
The Purdue University Board of Trustees approved a resolution to hire Spectrum Engineering Corporation of Auburn, IN to plan a replacement to the high-voltage substation outside the Zucrow Laboratories for jet and rocket propulsion research. 
12/12/2011Fort Wayne Stormwater AEP Substation Upgrade
 As part of a long range master plan to upgrade the Fort Wayne City Utilities water treatment complex, Spectrum Engineering has been engaged for engineering design and project management to upgrade the existing AEP substation serving the Stormwater location. 
11/10/2011HCS Honored at 2011 NLC City Showcase
Highland Communication Services was recognized at the National League of Cities' Congress of Cities and Exposition held in Phoenix, Arizona in November.
09/29/2011"Long Range Planning for Your Distribution System"
Spectrum Engineering President, Scott Bowles, P.E., was a presenter at the IMEA 2011 Fall Conference held at French Lick Springs Hotel.
07/19/2011USDA Utilities Administrator Highlights the Importance of Bringing Broadband to Rural America
 RUS Administrator Jonathan Adelstein visited Consolidated Electric Cooperative  on Tuesday, July 19, 2011, to discuss progress on their fiber expansion.  Spectrum has assisted CEC with all design of the network and with construction management for Materials, Outside Plant Construction, and Optical Equipment procurement.
04/21/2011Highland, Illinois Begins Building Fiber Network
Highland Communication Services' (HCS) Open House and ribbon cutting ceremony marked a milestone for those who helped make the City's fiber to the premise vision become a reality.
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