Spokeworks Substation Energized


In 2013 the City of St Marys, OH commissioned Spectrum Engineering to do a system study and put together a long range plan of maintenance and improvements that could be done to enhance the reliability of their system.

One of the recommendations from this study was to upgrade the Spokeworks substation by replacing the existing 12 kV Switchgear with a new 5 feeder lineup, add a second 5 feeder 12 kV line up and break the 69 kV line that was tapped into the substation and add 4 breakers, forming a ring bus and a second transformer.

The new transformer and new East Switchgear are installed and energized with the rest of the work expected to be completed by the end of July 2017. 

This will provide more capacity and reliability in the area served by the Spokeworks substation, in addition to giving more flexibility and reliability in the 69 kV system.