System reliability and power quality demands are increasing at the same time market energy rates are driving up costs.  Development of a strategic electric system master plan, which identifies, describes, evaluates and prioritizes projects for improving the present electric transmission and distribution system is an important component of a good system study.
Our clients look upon us as power system planning consultants, electric utility consultants, and strategic planning consultants. Planning is our strong suit. After all, we’ve been providing high-quality planning and engineering services for municipalities of all sizes since our founding in 1979.
Effective evaluation of existing facilities and how/when future changes, upgrades and expansions are prudent takes a committed partnership.  We approach each of these projects from the vantage of our clients, starting with gathering field data, evaluating the results and preparing a comprehensive set of recommendations.
Our goal in every instance is to help communities enhance their economic growth potential. We accomplish this by working with them to develop 3-, 5-, 10-, or 20-year system plans for reliable, cost-effective electric power, high-speed telecommunication, and SCADA / Smart Grid solutions.
Coupled with the burden of proving benefits over costs, we are accustomed to presenting our findings and recommendations to Utility Boards and City Councils.  That level of partnership is necessary to ensure your community will be prepared to meet its current and future power demands. 

Specifically, our planning services encompass …

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Complete Power System Planning
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Business Development Planning
  • Community Surveys
  • Economic Development Packages

Planning like this is absolutely essential to a community’s continued health and vitality. It assures individuals, families, and businesses looking to relocate that their new prospective community will be able to accommodate them – now and in the future.

Businesses, in particular, when evaluating a potential new location, want to know what services a community can provide and at what cost. Knowing the community has a plan in place is a powerful incentive for businesses to stay and invest in their new home. Result? A more congenial community in every way; a community where art and commerce flourish, and where people find both opportunity and fulfillment. That, in turn, attracts more people and more businesses.

How can our power system and telecommunication planning capabilities help your community’s economic development? Learn more: Contact Spectrum Engineering.