An integral part of planning electrical power system operations and growth is identifying and mitigating system weaknesses. To this end, we conduct highly revealing and cost-effective studies using sophisticated software models for …

Our extensive knowledge of utility operations enables us to …

  • gather comprehensive critical information about your electrical system
  • properly input that information into one of three sophisticated software systems, depending on what information is being studied
  • analyze the data
  • recommend what areas of your system need immediate attention and what areas are likely to need attention in the future
  • integrate the information gathered into an overall system plan to ensure the plan’s successStudies

Specifically, our power system analysis studies encompass …

  • complete data collection services
  • data input and complete system modeling in appropriate analysis software
  • short circuit, load flow, and arc flash data analysis with the identification of multiple contingencies
  • analysis that reveals power system strengths as well as weaknesses, which we document in a list along with a plan for mitigating the weaknesses
  • analysis of your system with respect to the overall power system plan and the economic development of your geographic area

Know that we are fully trained in ETAP, ASPEN, EasyPower and EDSA power system analysis software and that every one of our studies is performed under the supervision of a Licensed Professional Engineer.

How can our power system analysis studies help in your total system planning and economic development? Learn more: Contact Spectrum Engineering or view a client's experience with a comprehensive study we did for them.