Substation Maintenance & Repair

Municipalities and universities that own and operate their own utilities know that maintenance and repair are vital to providing reliable, low-cost power to their customers.  Spectrum is here to assist in the maintenance and repair of any substation equipment.
Our complete substation maintenance and repair services include...Trinity Substation
  • overall electric power substation inspection
  • thorough cleaning of each device
  • troubleshooting of any equipment operation
  • mechanical and electrical testing of all substation apparatus
  • troubleshooting of any substation electrical system
  • design modifications required for equipment replacement
  • electrical wiring replacement
  • testing of any substation relay for proper operation
  • verification of protective device coordination
  • complete relay system upgrades
  • full testing and commissioning
  • complete test reporting
The following is a list of our current test equipment utilized during substation maintenance and repair:
  • Megger PF Tester, Capacitance & D.F. Bridge
  • General Radio Megohmmeter
  • Biddle Instruments Lo Resistance Ohmmeter, DLRO
  • Megger Ground Test Set, Earth Tester
  • AEMC Instruments Ground Tester
  • Schweitzer Electronic Time Travel Tester
  • Doble Relay Test Set
  • Megger Transformer Turn-Ratio Test Set
  • EIL Instruments Protective Relay Test Set
 Any maintenance and/or repair project generally follows a process which includes our...
  • meeting with the utility owner to discuss what maintenance or repair is needed
  • providing a written document of work
  • scheduling outage times
  • perform cleaning, maintenance and testing on all equipment
  • if damage is found, discuss repairs with owner
  • repair any damaged equipment (if possible)
  • provide a list of parts required to repair damaged equipment that cannot be repaired during the outage
  • document all cleaning, maintenance, testing and repair results on test record sheets
  • turn equipment back to owner
  • provide complete test report with all documents including a written report indicating the health of each piece of substation equipment

Looking to decrease overall system costs?  Do you need to increase system reliability?  Are your electrical power substations needing some attention?  Do you want to reduce insurance costs?  We are here to help.  See how we helped a client with their substation maintenance.  Learn more:  Contact Spectrum Engineering