Substation Services

When electric power substation services are required, many municipalities and universities know we're the only source they'll ever need.  We approach each substation design-build project knowing the investment and importance placed in bringing completion within the timeframe and budget.  Success on these ventures comes as the result of a partnership developed between us and our client.
Designing a substation to meet your needs becomes our goal and focus.  Optimizing the latest proven technologies for successful long-range operation is considered a fundamental component for each tailored design-build.  Our expertise completes each substation project through -- and including -- commissioning...something that sets us apart.

Our complete substation services include providing …

  • Columbia City SW Substationdevelopment of project-specific design criteria, making use of nationally recognized, industry-specific design manuals      
  • complete design drawings
  • detailed specifications for major equipment and construction
  • a thorough quality audit trail throughout every project
  • assistance in bidding for and procuring labor and equipment
  • project construction assistance / management at any level required
  • full testing and commissioning
  • complete training on the new equipment
  • substation maintenance and repair (even for substations we haven't designed or built)
An example of our substation services is in this description of the Columbia City Southwest Substation project 

We typically use the following design software to produce our substation design documents:

  • AutoCAD and/or Solid Works
  • The Microsoft Suite of Software
  • ETAP, ASPEN, EasyPower or EDSA Study Software
  • PLS-CADD Line Design Software

The process we follow on a substation project generally includes our …Substation build

  • meeting with the utility owner to discuss design criteria ...
  • establishing design criteria unique to the project
  • generating base drawings and specification requirements
  • developing the schedule and cost estimates
  • meeting with the owner to obtain approval on moving ahead with the detail design
  • constructing the detail design documents, including major equipment specifications as well as detail drawing bills of material, schedules, and cost estimates
  • meeting with the owner to obtain approval on moving ahead with the construction documentation
  • creating construction documents, including construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, and schedules
  • assisting in project bidding by …
    • providing construction documentation
    • attending pre-bid and bid opening meetings
    • analyzing bids for adherence to specifications
  • as desired, providing construction assistance / management at whatever level needed
  • providing testing and commissioning services for each piece of equipment or each system. (The manufacturers of some major pieces of equipment will be required to dress out and test the equipment in order to obtain the best warranty.)

Looking to reduce substation construction costs? Does your substation need better maintenance and repair to keep it running or get it back in the game? Whatever the case, our substation services are the answer. Learn more: Contact Spectrum Engineering.