Over the years, we at Spectrum Engineering have led the way in developing new electric power system technology. Our thorough understanding of system operations has, for example, enabled us to design, patent, and implement our own Utility Management SentinelR (UMS) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. These systems have become an integral part of the Smart Grid power solution for many municipalities and universities.  Our first system to go on line with UMS was a "Big 10" university in Indiana.

UMS logoSo … what, precisely, is UMS? It’s an operator interface that permits the instantaneous monitoring and controlling of multiple parameters within a SCADA system.

Using standard industry protocols, UMS communicates with SCADA system protective devices, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems, transmission / distribution automation systems, and weather stations. It also collects data from any system device that has communication capability.

One of UMS’s strong suits is its expandability. Whether your system has many or few points to monitor or control, UMS can be configured to meet your particular system needs. Better yet, it uses off-the-shelf materials and standard software to gather the data necessary to make instantaneous decisions about outage restoration. This data is also stored for analysis and NERC-compliant recording.

Every UMS SCADA / Smart Grid design project we undertake is supervised by a Licensed Professional Engineer. We’re …

  • fully trained in RSView, RSLogix, and communications processors
  • recognized as full engineering partners with EsriR and Rockwell
  • knowledgeable about every aspect of utility power systems
  • qualified to perform assessments of existing SCADA systems
How can we put our UMS SCADA / Smart Grid design services work for you? Learn more: Contact Spectrum Engineering.