Our goal is to provide service, which yields the safest, most reliable electric power to our clients and their customers, at the most economical cost.  We are dedicated to applying our research, analytical design, construction management, testing and commissioning skills to building long-term win/win client partnerships.  Owners, contractors, and vendors alike benefit from an engineering partnership with Spectrum Engineering Corporation.  

Today's utility managers are facing challenges unprecedented in previous years.  Re-regulation, downsizing and demographic changes in the workforce have impacted how electricity is reliably delivered to the customer.  Changing technologies and increased regulation all add to the mix, compounding the demands placed on today's electric utilities. 

We at Spectrum stand behind our reputation as a dependable resource partner, focused on helping our clients achieve their goals; the essence of engineering partnerships.


Spectrum Engineering Corporation is fortunate to work with a diverse client base.  Our approach is to team up with and supplement the client's staff with complete Power and Communication project services, consisting of: consulting, design, project management, startup, testing and commissioning, thereby enhancing overall project production and stability.

Spectrum assists clients with complete strategic planning processes.  We have participated in preparing cases for argument before the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission, presented cases before the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and have successfully negotiated for territorial acquisitions, special rates, conditions and service agreeements for our clients.


serving clients for over 40 years

Providing you with the quality and credentials you need to ensure a successful design and project management.

We are not limited to location. We have the resources needed to assist you wherever you are.

serving clients for over 40 years

Serving multiple markets with utility needs since 1979, Spectrum Engineering Corporation has become a reliable resource to Owners, Contractors, and Vendors alike.

We partner with our clients through the complete lifecycle of a Power and Communications project: consulting, design, project management, inspections, startup, and testing/commissioning.

We have our clients’ best interest in mind.  See our testimonials for their feedback.

Dedicated "to service and a commitment to do our best."

The companies' Principal Scott Bowles, P.E., holds high standards for the team as it serves our clients in a professional, safe, and caring manner.

Here are company attributes that benefit our partners:

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We know your industry relies heavily on safe and reliable power, electric and fiber optic infrastructure results. We are here to serve you and meet your critical needs.


During this challenging time, we are dedicated to supporting our partners whether it is project-related, or a listening ear is needed. We value each and every individual we come in contact.

certifications, affiliations & awards

Advancing Grid Intelligence, EV, and Green Energy

Our team is equipped with the resources to help your utility-entity in microgrid planning to include battery energy storage, combined heat and power, wind power, solar PV, and electric vehicle-related assets

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