As you walk through the business district of the Village of Elmore, a town of about 1500 located in Ottawa County near Toledo, time seemingly has stood still in the village which was incorporated 160 years ago.  That is what you might see, but there is an underlying progressive movement to get the village prepared for future business growth and opportunities.  Groundbreaking took place early in the Spring of 2012 for a new wastewater treatment plant needed to meet Environmental Protection Agency criteria relating to sewer and wastewater plant system upgrades.  

A new power substation was proposed to support the new wastewater plant.  A second substation in the village would allow scheduled maintenance activities to be performed during normal operating hours and unexpected outages at the existing substation could be counter-balanced by shifting loads to the new one.  Elmore's entire service territory suffered a lengthy power outage last summer when the current substation was hit by lightning, illustrating the pressing need for an additional supply source.  

Spectrum Engineering Corporation's design of a new $1 million power substation for the Village of Elmore, Ohio was kicked off on Wednesday, May 2, 2011.  Spectrum will provide Engineering Design, Line Design (69kV transmission circuit over the river to connect at the new water treatment facility and upgrade the three phase line along Highway 105), Construction Management, Testing & Commissioning and Training, and Post-Construction Documentation for the Village.  It is Spectrum's expectation that the new Wastewater Substation will be commissioned and in service by the first quarter of 2013.

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