Auburn Electric Department


Auburn, Indiana

Services Provided (Not Limited To):
  • Review of existing schematics and equipment
  • Client-friendly screens developed and implemented
  • Installed and tested completed wiring and support devices
  • Training of Spectrum Engineering Corporation tailored SCADA system provided
Project Summary:

This new upgrade was instrumental in communications from substations to master SCADA control location.


“I would recommend Spectrum to others in our industry.”

-Jeff Tuttle, Auburn Electric Department

After successfully completing several projects for the Auburn Electric Department (including a major fiber-to-the-building build), Spectrum Engineering Corporation's experience with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) was used to upgrade their system, controlling their substation electrical infrastructure.

Below are key engineering and construction support services provided to ensure a smooth process between owner, engineer, contractor, and vendors:

  • A thorough review of existing control schematics and equipment was conducted, followed by a proposed and final design
  • Client-friendly screens and databases were developed and implemented (PLC and Operator Interface Configuration and Database)
  • Microprocessor-based communication processors and PC were programmed to ensure proper, accurate, and timely flow of information
  • Installed and tested wiring and support devices, including relays, for commissioningO
  • Operations & maintenance manual and onsite operator classroom training were provided
  • Online help manuals were presented as an optional supplement

Auburn was pleased with the results and continues to have Spectrum Engineering Corporation involved in routine SCADA upgrades, and other power electric and fiber projects.