Frankfort City Light & Power


Frankfort, Indiana

Services Provided (Not Limited To):
  • Based on the Cost of Services & Rate Study results, a Capital Improvement Plan (which contained recommended electric-based projects) was developed by Spectrum Engineering Corporation
  • Final results were presented to the Board
Project Summary:

The final package consisted of newly proposed utility rates and revenue and a recommended capital improvement plan.  The package was approved by the city and IURC (Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission).


“Spectrum has done a great job assisting in the projects derived from our Capital Improvement Plan.”

-Todd Corrie, The City of Frankfort

The City of Frankfort, Indiana LogoA utility’s leadership understands the importance of maintaining a balance between revenue (customer electric rates) and expenses tied to the cost of providing electricity to customers.  Spectrum Engineering Corporation, a company with over 40 years of experience in utility management and operations, was asked to provide a series of recommended electric-related projects in the form of a Capital Improvement Plan.  The final package would be reviewed by both the city and IURC (Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission).

Here are a few of the value-added steps that the city realized from Spectrum Engineering Corporation's broad, utility-based consulting:

  • The coordination of collecting historical key documents was conducted
  • Meetings were conducted between Spectrum Engineering Corporation and utility staff, discussing existing data and a move towards establishing a test-year criteria
  • Analyzing the cost of service on the utility side, a flow of funds schedule was put together, along with estimated power supply costs
  • After collecting final results, the study came to an end

Based on extensive work, a final package contained newly proposed utility rates and revenue and a recommended capital improvement plan.

The plan identified utility project investments for an improved infrastructure.  One long-term goal of the projects was to pass on savings to their residential, commercial and industrial customers.  With effectiveness in demonstrating the alignment of customer electric rates and the improvements projects, the package was approved by both the city and IURC and the project moved forward.

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