Frankfort City Light & Power


Frankfort, Indiana

Services Provided (Not Limited To):
  • Existing protective relays, test switches, and meters were evaluated for potential replacement
  • BOM was provided
  • Fabricated mounting plates to accommodate new equipment
  • Equipment prewired at onsite lab
  • Existing panel modified and newly fabricated panel with replacement equipment is installed
  • Final wiring and functional testing and commissioning performed
  • “As built” drawings were provided
Project Summary:

The City relied on Spectrum Engineering Corporation in this top prioritized upgrade as other electrical infrastructure improvements were dependent on it.


“The team goes above and beyond.”

-Todd Corrie, The City of Frankfort

The City of Frankfort, Indiana LogoHaving assisted the City in a Cost of Service & Rate Study resulting in an approved capital improvement plan, Spectrum was contacted to assist in projects.  One of the first identified needs was the upgrade of out-of-date protective relays, controls, switches, and analog meters at their Fairgrounds substation.

Below are key engineering and construction support services provided to ensure a smooth process between Owner, Engineer, and Vendors:

  • along with the coordination and upgrade of the substations 69 kV circuit breaker, existing relays, test switches, and meters were evaluated for replacement
  • once newly recommended equipment specifications were approved by the utility, wiring schematics, drawings, and relay settings were created
  • Spectrum’s electrical technicians removed existing relays and equipment, fabricated the existing electrical panels, making way for pre-mounted relays, test switches, RTAC for SCADA integration, and meters
  • once new equipment was mounted, wiring and final testing of relays was conducted  

This upgrade was considered top priority as other electrical infrastructure improvements would be dependent on the strength of this substation’s ability to handle additional load.


Spectrum Engineering Corporation has the capability of pre-wiring and pre-assembling some equipment in-house to save our clients additional money on overnight trips.

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