Village of Montpelier


Montpelier, Ohio

Services Provided (Not Limited To):
  • At the Substation
    • Specifications for RTAC and fiber-to-serial converters
    • Installed mounted and wired relays, test switches, and RTAC
    • Tested new relays and communication scheme
  • At the solar field
    • Based on specifications, BOM was provided to order recloser and related equipment
    • Provided programming, testing, final commissioning, and  “for records” drawings
Project Summary:

The Village of Montpelier owns 10 acres of land that contain a 2.225MW solar field. Following proper connections between substation and solar array, cost savings and clean energy can be anticipated by both the utility and customer.

The Village of Montpelier, Ohio purchased 10 acres of land, which now contains a 2.225 megawatt solar field.  They are purchasing power from the photovoltaic power provider, which will help them realize cost savings and a clean energy source, benefiting both their customers and utility alike. As the project progressed, The Village requested Spectrum Engineering Corporation’s help at its’ substations and distribution line locations. 

At the substations:
  • Specs were provided to order needed equipment
  • Spectrum Engineering Corporation installed, mounted, and wired relays and test switches required by the energy provider
  • Installed and wired RTAC at adjacent substation
  • Tested new relays and communication scheme
At the solar field:
  • Specs were provided to order recloser and other equipment
  • Spectrum Engineering Corporation provided programming, testing, and final commissioning

Spectrum Engineering Corporation appreciated being included in this project as the Village anticipates savings from shaved peak loads and lower capacity and transmission charges to favorably impact their customers and allow for capital improvements.

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