Bryan Municipal Utilities


Bryan, Ohio

Services Provided (Not Limited To):
  • New line and relocate design
  • Construction oversite and inspections (RUS and non-RUS)
  • System studies including short circuit, protective device coordination, load flow, and arc flash
  • Demand and power quality analysis
  • Line voltage conversion and reconducting
  • Drone services (i.e. visual line inspection, streetlight planning)
  • Testing and commissioning of equipment on utility pole
  • Cost of service and rate study
Project Summary:

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“Bryan Reece always provides timely and good responses to us.”

-Al Sullivan, Bryan Municipal Utilities

The city was interested in receiving a comprehensive electrical infrastructure system study. The detailed study indicates potential system safety and efficiency weaknesses, providing a current list of assets and facilities, GIS modeling, mapping, and ultimately a proposed 5 to 10 year master plan.

Below are the key engineering support services that Spectrum Engineering Corporation provided to arrive at recommendations:

  • ETAP short circuit analysis was performed to evaluate equipment duty and interrupt capabilities
  • ETAP arc flash analysis produced PPE requirements for personnel safety
  • ETAP load flow analysis was conducted to determine normal system operation and evaluate the system current and future capacities and weaknesses
  • ETAP device coordination study yielded protection recommendations for optimal fault clearing and power restoration
  • System project recommendations included priority, cost, and schedule to facilitate budgetary planning

Once the master plan was reviewed and approved, Spectrum Engineering Corporation assisted the city in projects (not limited to) oil circuit breaker replacements, 69 kV relay protection and SCADA upgrades, program and install of reclosers, switch replacement, arc flash updates, and power plant upgrades.

Joint Use and Pole Attachment Agreement

We can help you with the data collection walkout to assess assets, update an existing or draft a new attachment agreement using the latest industry standards and rates.

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