Frankfort City Light & Power


Frankfort, Indiana

Services Provided (Not Limited To):
  • Equipment recommendation was provided
  • Expansion plan was shared with the ability of integrating future substations coming on line
  • DNP 3.0 protocol was set up to communicate from SCADA master control room to substation RTAC’s
Project Summary:

This grid solution has afforded the client with remote viewing on mobile devices and email notifications and has decreased bucket truck rolls for manual switching.  In general, better managing, monitoring, and control.


“The team goes above and beyond.”

-Todd Corrie, The City of Frankfort

The City of Frankfort, Indiana LogoSpectrum Engineering Corporation provided a system study, which led to the recommendation of upgrading the city’s SCADA system.  The city realized the value in investing in their remote terminal operations that required updated and added equipment, making way for the new “network of device management” software.

Below are key engineering support services provided to ensure a smooth process between owner, engineer and vendors:

  • Distribution automation control software was recommended to obtain successful operator work-station HMI (human machine interface), communications, alarming, logging, trending, security, and data collection
  • Software was configured for the base system and one substation
  • An expansion plan provided the ability to integrate future substations to come online
  • Spectrum Engineering Corporation staff helped convert electro-mechanical relays and added controls such as RTAC’s (real-time automation controllers) used to communicate to the SCADA master
  • A DNP 3.0 protocol was set up to communicate from the SCADA master control room to substation RTAC’s
  • SCADA data and distribution automation control screens were combined, allowing for central point-of-system operational data used for reporting purposes

The grid solution upgrades have afforded remote viewing of system status on users’ mobile devices and email notifications.  Savings included reassigned manpower used in manual switching and decreased customer outage bucket truck rolls resulting in better managing, monitoring, and control.


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