Noble REMC


Albion, Indiana

Services Provided (Not Limited To):
  • Print review
  • Fabricated mounting plates to accommodate new equipment
  • Equipment prewired at onsite lab
  • Existing panel modified and newly fabricated panel with replacement equipment is installed
  • Final wiring and functional testing and commissioning performed
  • “As-built” drawings were provided
Project Summary:

As electro-mechanical protection relays and controls age, utilities understand the benefits of upgrading to microprocessor equipment. This client appreciated assistance in the planning, physical conversion, testing, and commissioning services.


“Spectrum Engineering’s testing went well, and I was happy with the results.”

-Kenny Kill, Noble REMC

Noble REMC (Indiana) LogoAs electromechanical relays age, utilities understand the benefits of upgrading their microprocessor relays and controls. Noble REMC in Albion, IN reached out to Spectrum Engineering Corporation for their experience to help with the planning, physical change out, testing, and commissioning required in the conversion.

Below are key engineering support services provided during the project lifecycle:

  • Spectrum Engineering Corporation reviewed existing drawings and made necessary changes
  • Fabricated mounting plates to accommodate new relays and test switches
  • Prewired, lab bench tested, and mounted relays and test switches in-house to help client save from extended onsite trips
  • Spectrum Engineering Corporation removed existing electro-mechanical relays, modified the existing panel, and mounted new panel with relays and test switches
  • Performed wiring between new relays, test switches and field devices and conducted final functional testing and commissioning
  • Provided “as-built” drawings to Noble REMC

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