Serving the Current and Next Generation of Technology

Our turnkey solutions help in planning a Tier 1 to Tier 4 data center, FTTx between substations, 2-way high-speed communications (from the substation to your central office), or broadband for your residential and industrial customers.

Rapid take rates in broadband are very important to ROI.  With years of experience with aerial and underground FTTx plants, our specialty is in a variety of designs utilizing technologies such as “last mile” PON (delivering POTS, VoIP, data, video, and telemetry), “unlit” dark fiber, Ethernet, HFC (typically associated with CATV), fiber deep, etc. into the home, building, premises, node, curb, multi-dwelling unit, and enclosure.

At Spectrum Engineering Corporation, we are in a solid position to be your single source for fiber-optical network design, whether the need is for point-to-point links, distribution networks, or local-area networks.

The team works with a variety of partners including municipals, vendors, contractors, ILEC’s (Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers), CLEC’s (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers), and ISP’s (internet service providers) to provide the planning necessary for a successful project outcome.

Whatever your FTTx architecture design need is (WAN, LAN, or point-to-point), we will help with the complete project lifecycle from feasibility study to “as-built” records.

Reconducting of Transmission & Distribution Lines

We will assist you with the field walkout, design, and project management of reconducting your transmission and distribution lines.

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