Anderson Municipal Light & Power


Anderson, Indiana

Services Provided (Not Limited To):
  • Substation and line walkout
  • Drawings
  • BOM
  • Pre-bid and construction meeting preparation and participation
  • Project management
  • Final testing and commissioning, along with “as-built” documents  
Project Summary:

The previous 13.8 kV line was upgraded to a new 34.5 kV single circuit subtransmission line and additional 13.8 kV distribution feeders were added to accommodate equipment upgrades at interconnected substations.


“The project went great and ran smoothly!”

-Kevin Karr, Anderson Municipal Light & Power

The flagship station was originally constructed with one, 13.8 kV line, feeding a food processing plant and high tech industrial campus, interconnected to IMPA and Roosevelt transmission lines, and distribution circuits near the IMPA Anderson Generation Peaking plant.

As the city planned for business growth, it required new 34.5 kV single circuit sub-transmission line (built to 69 kV standards), and 13.8 kV distribution feeders to accommodate equipment upgrades at the flagship and IMPA plant substations. Spectrum Engineering Corporation was awarded this large project to expand two substations and add a new line between the locations.

Below are key engineering and construction support services provided to ensure a smooth process between owner, engineer, contractor, and vendors:

  • To gain a thorough understanding of needs, an initial and detailed walkout of the project was conducted (both substations and line) 
  • Provided preliminary and final design drawings, while coordinating civil and structural analysis review
  • Created construction specifications and the general construction bid package, recommending potential contractor and vendors
  • Facilitated construction pre-bid meetings and ongoing site visits and inspections
  • On the substation projects, full testing, and commissioning was conducted on equipment inside the fence and control rooms
  • Presented final, comprehensive test summary reports and “as-built record” drawings

This expansion proved critical as the city planned and now attracts, retains, and grows their business sector.

transmission-line-expansion-project-anderson-indiana New substation in Anderson, Indiana

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