Increases Safety and Lowers Costs

“On foot walkout” data collection has its place, but what about larger time-consuming jobs, unsafe altitudes, and hard-to-see areas? Spectrum Engineering Corporation is your qualified solution utilizing their drone services to help automate your inspection needs.

Key Areas Served

  • G&T and distribution substations – as part of our maintenance inspections, we will capture power generation and distribution yard equipment and static line conditions

  • Infrastructure – microwave towers, satellite dish, and power line poles and hardware for current or anticipated issues (melted taps, broken ACSR, wood damage, top rot, broken insulators, insulator tracking, etc.)

Advantages of Using Spectrum For Drone Inspection & Maintenance Services

  • Our qualified team will help you identify existing or potential areas of concern, anticipating truck rolls or lineman climbs
  • Safety and efficiency is our number one goal
  • We quickly get past clearance issues such as vegetation
  • We carry liability insurance
  • Our hi-res images and video are a great alternative to a costly helicopter excursion or limited views from the ground
  • Reduce man hours and costs by automating inspections
  • We’ll remind you of the recommended maintenance every 10 years

Goal of Partnership

  • To gain an understanding of flight data need and then help to develop an efficient inspection route
  • Commission our FAA certified drone program manager and flight operations team to capture large amounts of data by utilizing our company-owned drone, equipment, and software
  • Raw video and imagery data is uploaded into ArcGIS for sorting, processing, and  mapping for analysis of the condition of assets
  • Our GIS engineering technicians review the results with our client
  • Client receives final report with recommendations in ArcGIS or .pdf format

“Drones change the game in communication. A photo is worth a thousand words, and potentially millions of dollars.” 
-Ryan Moret, Field Solutions Manager, McCarthy Building Companies

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